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60 Day Sale and Return Offer

Your Delicious Luxury Truffles
  • Invoice is 12 x £4.79 (inc vat) equivalent to over 20% off* and due date is 60 days from date of order

  • Suggested retail price is £6.00 as per our website. Some retailers sell successfully at £6.95 and £7.50 (your choice)

  • If you wish to place further orders before 60 days have elapsed from date of invoice, please make payment for those items that you have sold to enable the new order to be released

  • We will contact you after the 60 day period to discuss any unsold stock and it’s return to Your Confectionery Ltd

  • In the unlikely event that you no longer wish to be a stockist of our products, payment for all sold stock should be made by the 60th day from the date of the invoice if you are not reordering

  • We will link to your website and social media pages to advertise that you are currently a stockist of Your Delicious Luxury Truffles

*Quantity                           Cost Price            Margin                 %        

6-24 Boxes (any mix)               £4.79                     £1.21                     25.3         

    36+   Boxes (any mix)               £4.16                     £1.84                    44.2          

Cost prices are inclusive of VAT

Margin is based on SRP of £6.00

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