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60 Day Sale and Return Offer - 6 Free

Your Delicious Luxury Truffles
  • You will receive 12 boxes of Your Delicious Truffles (2 of each flavour) and a 60 day invoice, 1 box of each flavour is free

  • Invoice is 6 x £4.79 (inc vat) equivalent to over 20% off* and due date is 60 days from date of order

  • Suggested retail price is £6.00 as per our website. Some retailers sell successfully at £6.95 and £7.50 (your choice)

  • If you wish to place further orders before 60 days have elapsed from date of invoice, please make payment for those items that you have sold (up to 6 boxes) to enable the new order to be released

  • We will contact you after the 60 day period to discuss any unsold stock and it’s return to Your Confectionery Ltd

  • In the unlikely event that you no longer wish to be a stockist of our products, payment for all sold stock should be made by the 60th day from the date of the invoice if you are not reordering

  • We will link to your website and social media pages to advertise that you are currently a stockist of Your Delicious Luxury Truffles

*Quantity                           Cost Price            Margin                 %        

6-24 Boxes (any mix)               £4.79                     £1.21                     25.3         

    36+   Boxes (any mix)               £4.16                     £1.84                    44.2          

Cost prices are inclusive of VAT

Margin is based on SRP of £6.00

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